Autotraders are locations similar to derelicts and stargates that the player can travel to. Unlike derelicts, the player can visit the same autotrader multiple times.

An autotrader allows the player to trade scrap for fuel as well as ship upgrades and drone upgrades (hereinafter referred simply as items).

A trader has limited items in stock and limited scrap. You can only sell items if the trader has enough scrap to pay for them. You can only buy items if they are in stock, with the only exception being J-fuel. If the trader doesn't have any J-fuel, you can still manufacture it (for a higher price than normal). If you return to the same autotrader later, it'll have the same items and scrap as when you left.

Price of upgrades doesn't depend on their damage. So for example you can swap a damaged generator for a new one for free (provided that the trader has a new generator in stock of course).

Scrapping upgrades Edit

An alternative to selling upgrades (but not fuel) at an autotrader is converting them to scrap. You can always do this, regardless of whether or not you are at an autotrader. If the upgrade isn't broken, you get the same amount of scrap as if you sold it a trader. Both options have their pros and cons:

Advantages of scrapping:

  • You can do it anywhere and anytime.
  • It doesn't use autotrader's scrap, allowing you sell more fuel.

Advantages of selling at an autotrader:

  • You can buy it later if you return to the same trader later.
  • You get the full scrap even if the upgrade is broken.

It is often beneficial to buy upgrades from an autotrader even if you don't think you need them. This gives the trader more scrap, allowing you to sell fuel. Then later you'll either find the upgrade useful, or scrap it to get the same amount of scrap back.

Prices Edit

Item State Price at an autotrader Price elsewhere (sell only)
Drone Upgrade Working 3Scrap icon 3Scrap icon
Broken 3Scrap icon 1Scrap icon
Ship Upgrade Working 6Scrap icon 6Scrap icon
Broken 6Scrap icon 4Scrap icon
P-fuel 5Scrap icon N/A
J-Fuel In stock 15Scrap icon N/A
Out of stock 20Scrap icon N/A