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Ship Upgrades can be installed into your mothership in order to grant it new abilities.

These upgrades can be found on derelict ships and can be towed to the players boarding ship (r1 in schematic view) to add it to the players inventory when exiting the derelict.

Upgrades can be installed and removed in the Ship Upgrades View. A maximum of 2 upgrades can be installed at the same time on your original ship. Other ship types (accessible by commandeering them) may have more than 2 upgrade slots, and may include permanent upgrades such as the cannon on military ships.

Installed upgrades Edit

These upgrades may be transferred to and from ship upgrade slots as normal and will require repairs.

Permanent upgrades Edit

Some upgrades are permanently affixed to the ship and can only be obtained by commandeering a ship that has them installed. They take up one slot in your ship upgrades and cannot be destroyed or removed. They do not need repairs, but require scrap to recharge their abilities (except the Collector, which is a passive ability).