Aliases are a powerful feature of the console interface. Here are some useful custom aliases. Obviously you are free to rename and modify them to suit your needs. If you need help understanding aliases, see this guide.

Aliases Edit

go Edit

this alias is like an advanced version of 'navigate' that will utilize the transporter, or a teleport upgrade, if possible.

go=teleport ($x) ($r); transport ($x) ($r); navigate ($x) ($r) ($d)

fetch Edit

Assuming drone 3 has our tow upgrade, executing 'fetch' from anywhere would move drone 3 to the specified room, tow an object back to room r1, and stop towing it.

fetch=go 3 $r; tow 3; go 3 r1; tow 3 

loot Edit

Assuming our gatherer drone is drone 1, and it has a scanner, this alias executed from anywhere will send our gatherer drone to the specified room or through the specified door, scan it, and gather any resources in the room.

loot=go 1 ($r) ($d); scan 1; gather all 1;

nope Edit

For when you really need to GTFO.

nope=close all; teleport all r1; transport all r1