Doors are structures that connect different rooms on derelicts.

Doors serve as obstacles for enemies and allow the player to control which rooms their drones and the enemies have access to (with a few exceptions).

Doors can be bypassed by enemy Drone Swarms by using Vents.

Doors can be destroyed by enemies (definitely Drone Swarms, possibly others too). After being destroyed, doors will turn red, are stuck open and cannot be closed.

Without actually having discovered the doors, the player will see all doors as weak ones.

Doors can also randomly stop responding, after which, you will be unable to operate them. Beware that doors (especially weaker ones) may eventually be damaged or even destroyed when being connected to rooms that are vented to space.

Sometimes the derelict can stop responding to the 'close' command and you will be unable to close any doors.

In Drone View doors will be green if powered, blue if unpowered and red if damaged or destroyed.

Commands Edit

You can control the doors with the following Commands:

Command Effect if closed Effect if open
d1 Opens Closes
toggle d1
open d1 Opens No effect
close d1 No effect Closes

Here d1 should be replaced with whatever door(s)/airlock(s) you want to open or close.

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