A functional drone; health not indicated

Disabled drone

Drone that has been disabled, and can be recovered

Destroyed drone

Drone that has been destroyed

Drones are what enable you to scavenge for resources. These drones are not autonomous and must be controlled, either by the arrow keys (or num-pad) or through the use of the console through commands. You start with 3 drones and you can find more through scavenging.

You can take a maximum of 4 drones on a mission to a Derelict. Up to 3 extra drones may be kept in the mothership hold.

There are multiple drones designs, although these do not affect the gameplay. For example, the color of the camera feed and the noises emitted by the drone will vary from one drone to the next.

Each drone can carry between 2 and 4 upgrades, however drones with 2 and 4 slots are much less common than the ones with 3.

Drones can also be scrapped, repaired and upgraded in the Modifications panel.

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap
Repair HP by 10 -1
Repair full HP -1 per 10 HP, rounded up
Increase speed by 35% * -5
Increase max HP by 10 -5
Repair drone's video signal -7
Convert into scrap +7 for disabled drone

+8 for damaged drone

+9 for fully repaired drone

*this can only be done once