The way you configure your drones is up to you, but there are some recommendations as to how could do this.


Drone #1: Edit

This drone is your scouting drone that you will likely use the most. It is a good idea to give it upgrades that enhance its ability in exploration. One idea:

- gather

- Stealth / Shield

- Motion / Sensor

Drone #2: Edit

This drone is your generator. It will just sit there and power generators that are needed. You should probably install some protection on it. An example would be like:

- Generator

- Turret / Sonic / Shield

- Turret / Sonic / Shield / Nothing (for collecting or holding newly found upgrades)

Drone #3: Edit

This drone is your utility drone. It should have upgrades that can make use of items of things in explored rooms (eg. interface) and things that help detect / salvage resources found in explored rooms. Set it up like:

- Tow

- Interface

- Scan

Drone #4 Edit

This drone is a secondary utility drone. It helps by doing other things that drone #3 doesn't. It might help by having a motion or sensor (whichever one Drone #1 doesn't) or by deploying consumable items (eg. probe). Configuration:

- Probe / Nothing

- Mine / Trap / Stun / Nothing

- Pry / Nothing

This setup plan is only a suggestion; It may not work for other players.

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