About Vents Edit

Enemy vents are floor grates that can found throughout Derelict ships. In the current build of the game they act as spawn points for Drone Swarms.

It was planned for these Vents to be connected and allow Drone Swarms to use them to access different parts of the ship. [1]

Be advised that you can use the Commandeer Command even while Drone Swarms are capable of spawning from these vents.

Vent Spawning Behavior Edit

Unlike Slime (which can spawn in any room on the ship), a Swarm won't spawn from a vent if there is no active Swarm on the ship when the mission starts [2]. The following outlines how Vent Spawning works within the game:

1. For the first 2:30 minutes of a mission, a vent is "safe" and a Swarm will not spawn

2. Between 2:30 minutes and 10 minutes of mission time, Vents will spawn a Swarm of  10 or 20. Regardless of the size, it's considered one enemy

3. Depending on the size of the spawned Swarm:

3.1 If a size 20 Swarm was spawned from the Vent, the vent will be safe for the rest of the mission.

3.2 If a size 10 Swarm was spawned from the Vent, the vent will be safe for a further 2:30 minutes, before spawning another size 10 Swarm within 7:30 minutes from the end of the safe period (i.e. First spawn happens at 7:00 minutes, the vent is safe until 9:30 and the final spawn will happen between 9:30 minutes and 17:00 minutes). Following the second spawn, the Vent will be safe for the rest of the mission.

4. If no Swarm has been spawned from a Vent after 10:00 minutes of mission time, the Vent is safe and Swarm is not an infestation in the mission

References Edit

  2. During a "bugged" mission a Vent will be active regardless of whether Swarm is an infestation or not on the ship.  In this case, Vent Spawning Behavior applies as above. This is because by default a vent is active on the ship until the game has checked for which infestations are part of the mission. When the Daily Challenge bugs out, this check has not been performed, so regardless of whether Swarm is present or not, the vent will still be active and spawn Swarms.