Fuel access points are structures that sometimes hold spare fuel. There will ALWAYS be only one of these present on any derelict. Fuel depots will always have fuel. Fuel can be obtained from them by using the gather command to a drone in the same room. A drone cannot move while gathering fuel, and cannot move again until finished. Some ships may have no fuel aboard.

There are two different types of fuel that can be gathered:

- Propulsion fuel / P-fuel (This is used for travel between ships in the 'system' map. The P-fuel gathered is added towards your reserve tally, as non-reserve propulsion is recharged between jumps).

- Jump fuel / J-fuel (This fuel is used for travel between systems in the 'galaxy' map. If you run dry of this fuel, without any way of getting more, you're pretty much screwed, at which point you will need to reset).

It is possible to collect up to 2 of each fuel per access point.