SPOILERS AHEAD! The Grey Goo objectives are advanced by exploring space stations and fuel depots. These occasionally require a transporter ship upgrade.


///[JIL]: Quoting Existential Risk Theory 'Grey Goo'

[Excerpt...] Given assumed advances in nano-technology, molecular assemblers pose a definitive existential risk. If assemblers can create other assemblers (self-replicate), it's easy to see how quickly rogue (or intended) processes could transform matter at an exponential rate. It follows that such a process could be detrimental to humans directly (if we ourselves were deemed an acceptable source material), or indirectly (if anything which we rely upon was deemed an acceptable source material). [...Excerpt]

Objective 1Edit

Fixed the food replicator on B-Wing. Just a hiccup in the communicator - firing crazy signa՗؛ó¥Ðö» to the molecular assemblers. No problem now though, made myself up an amazing slice of lemon meringue befoՙÑ⟗ëхè little fellas are firing on all cylinders again. Doubt anybody will complain ÑÀø“Ô՟ÛÓ²üäéôí as fine as that pie.

I'll fire a report out to Leyland when I get back up to engineering, let them ؑow their babies are all good.

///[JIL]: Linking with theory index 'grey goo'. 'Molecular Assemblers' reference requires further investigation.

Recommend course of action:   [1] Gather further log data about 'Molecular Assemblers' from Space Stations or Fuel Depots

Objective 2 Edit

[Leyland Molecular Assembler Maintenance and Guidelines]

Expected Part-Per Millioϑþ鐈nts

Ind˜ö Class Type Recommended PPM 1001 [A-C] Food Replicators 20,000 - 30,000ppm 1002 [D-F] Medical Support 15,000 - 20,000ppm 1003 [H-I] Engineering 40,000 - 50,000ppm

Please ensure that you configure vessel scan to utilize the Holzhauer algorithm, refer to section 4B. Any concerns or queries about the part-per million count values should be dirÔ¾Û±ÙÎÀêward your Leyland liaison officer.

///[JIL]: Reference molecular assembler counts acquired. Holzhauer algorithm integrated. 'Grey goo' theory would posit an abnormally high quantity of molecular assemblers, scanning vessel with a large populace could confirm or deny this and is recommended.

///[JIL]: Recommend course of action: [1] Scan all rooms on a class A or B Space Station.

Objective 3 Edit

Scan Results

[BEGIN FILE] >Vessel Scan Results...   Analyzing PPM ... SUCCESS Molecular assemblers ... NEGATIVE Detecting viral particles … POSTIVE Detecting biological forms … POSITIVE

SCAN RESULTS:  >: No molecular assemblers identified. Traces of unidentifiable RNA virus detected.

<color=#62ddf9>///[JIL]: No conclusive reason evident why molecular assemblers are absent from vessel.</color>

///[JIL]: PPM results inconsistent with 'Expected Part-Per Millions Counts' reference. No documented case explains results. Submitted as supplemental: Unable to determine further course of action.   [END FILE]

Supporting 1 Edit

[Observation Report]

We're a little unsure how the rat got down there, most probably an escapee from the labs o…—ÐúØ·Ðøâ Decomposition is isolated to the lower abdomen but is inconsistent with the rest ‰­ÑŒhe remains, a seemingly foreign viscous material covering what may üé慦ÒçñÐéÕõŒïnitial wound.

<color=#62ddf9>///[JIL]: Inconsistent decomposition comparable to theoretical discussion in 'grey goo' theory index.</color>

There have been some concerns regarding the molecular assemblers that aø¾÷Ôîà˜ðÛՆ‚ aboard the vessel, and with the rate of decomposition being so peculiar I recommend an immediate report be sent to Leyland Corp. Something isn't right, anûùøÕѽêÓåæúÝñat I fear, then we need to do something ïޞÍú¿®ïùþ‘ÜåÜ

///[JIL]: Relevant to 'grey goo' due to mention of 'Leyland' and 'assemblers'. Submitted as supplemental: Unable to determine further course of action.

Supporting 2 Edit

Testing is coming along well. The multi-processor system we use between the assemblers is proving pretty incre¡õîô÷òۗîÞõæ×ðplication of material for the transmitters aboard the outer shells of the test probe was mind-blowing. As soon as the heat changes on the transmitter material the assembl㶇ÑÒÐÂì…ãÌýmending the material to be something more suitable for the extreme temperature change.

///[JIL]: Note: Additional Benefit and role of Molecular Assemblers identified

Next is to get them to pre-empt that change in extrã›ýæòûÐ咯×ï½ûýÚðäþ¨Žðem to think, not just react. I feel like I'm a part of something here. I love science!

///[JIL]: Relevant to 'grey goo' due to mention of 'assemblers'. Mention of 'think' infers possible AI interaction. Submitted as supplemental: Unable to determine further course of action.

Supporting 3 Edit

Yeah, I got it on the wire, overheard it myself. It could just be another routine contract but eveãô˜Â­õݱó–§ØӊùÄÜÚöÎÑߨΠtech speculation articles, I have a better idea…

What do you think about military involvement? Hear me out, we know MUTEKI holds contracts with the military. Leyland working with Óú—çû÷øˆþАõ“ a back door for the military into Leyland's tech? Militarized assemblers! Fear is compelling. I know, I know, but ÷àç…üó tag it as a 'futures' piece. Thoughts?

///[JIL]: Relevant to 'grey goo' due to mention of 'Leyland' and 'assemblers'. Military use currently deemed too speculative. Submitted as supplemental: Unable to determine further course of action.

Supporting 4 Edit

[Record Start]

@SRamirez: Stop dwelling on it man. I get complaints like this every day - filter in, filter out type of stuff. I had a complaint froχٽ¨÷ô÷÷¨™–Íê saying he'd a stomach ache after eating three slices of cake from a replicator. Three slices, and the guy's blaming the assemblers!! Do you know how many dead rats they find on vessels every day? You've got nothiö”ü韎Üorry about, just a bored scientist in space.

///[JIL]: Record evident of public hysteria relating to technological advancement. No discernible connection between the consumption of cake and assemblers.

@JMartin: Haha, yeah I get you man, and I know your right. We made it that they can turn a brick of sludge into whatever they want for dinner. I even hear we're close on our first cured disease! Quality of life stuff you know. They don't get how much better everythõґ֪óØë­Ú¬ÄáϕÄìÕìžèêò›Á·€£ØþþÜmber how bad freeze-dried ice-cream was?

///[JIL]: Relevant to 'grey goo' due to mention of 'replicator' and 'assemblers'. Submitted as supplemental: Unable to determine further course of action.