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Interface is a Drone Upgrade that allows a drone to interact with a terminal. The terminal must be in a powered room for a drone to interface with it, and the player to issue commands through it.

Interfacing with a powered terminal allows the player to issue a few commands to the powered sections of the ship.

Venting the room with the Interface to space will destroy the interface, as well as exploding mines or traps.

Interface Commands Edit

While a drone is interfaced with a terminal, three commands will be randomly made available to the console, depending on the terminal. Not all derelicts will have all of the options.


'shipscan' allows the player to scan every room that is currently powered, some rooms may fail to scan with this command and must be scanned manually with a probe or scanner upgrade.


'defense' toggles all powered defence turrets on the ship. These turrets will engage every entity on the ship (including your drones!).


'survey' shows you the entire layout of the ship, as well as the status of its doors. this has the same effect as the Ship Surveyor ship upgrade