Leapers are an orange-red like creature that is a threat that can be encountered on Derelicts.


This type slowly wanders between rooms until a drone crosses its path. When it spots a drone it zooms toward it very quickly, dealing a large amount of damage upon contact. A leaping attack can cover the distance of a mid- sized room near instantly, giving the player no opportunity to avoid it.

Because leapers are an organic threat, they are immune to radiation flooding.

It deals 90 hit-points of damage from a successful leap attack.

Leapers commonly destroy drones, and sometimes disable them when they do not have enough hit-points from the attack.

Leaper can survive a single detonation from a Mine thus requiring two mines to kill it fully, however the Trap will kill it instantly with one detonation.

The Turret Upgrade can kill a leaper with a cost of a couple of bullets. However because of the Leaper's leap attack, the drone will likely still be damaged, and often be destroyed before retaliating if it is disabled in the first attack. However Leapers find sharp corner very difficult to attack from, so consider positioning your drone perpendicular to a door, to kill the leaper as it attempts to turn around to attack. This method combined with the Lure is the only surefire way to handle leapers without taking damage using the Turret Upgrade.

Leapers can be fooled by the Stealth upgrade, however the second it wears off, it will immediately see the drone.

Leapers can be destroyed by Defense Turrets, but will not provide scrap.

What is really scary about leapers that the player should be very mindful about, is that leapers will not always go through opened doors, which is why the Lure upgrade is useful for luring them out of the supposed room they could be in.

Drones with high hit-points (higher than 90) will survive a leaper attack, in the next 5 seconds of the Leaper's attack cooldown, the drone can safely escape the room. Consider using a Shield and a speed upgrade if you'd like to use this method to identify leapers and other opponents. Do remember the self destruct command as well.