"drops a lure which attracts nearby organic threats"

Lure is a Drone Upgrade that allows a drone to drop a lure that attracts biological enemies from nearby rooms (unknown range of lure)

Lure has 6 charges and can be recharged through the modifications panel at a cost of -2 scrap for 3 charges.

Organic threats (Leapers) will attack the lure, and you will be notified. Lures have a certain amount of health and can be destroyed. The icon for a lure is orange and and resembles a fish hook.

Robotic threats will not attack the lure.

Usage Edit

'lure'               drops lure at current drone, or 
                      atthe only drone with the upgrade
'lure 4'             drops a lure at drone 4
'lure [drop/pickup]' alternate syntax

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap
Repair -8 to -12
Add 3 Lures -2
Magnetic clamp* -3
Convert into scrap +3

*magnetically clamps item in room to prevent being pulled outside of ship

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