Modification Panel

The Modification Panel is where you can spend scrap to repair and modify: drones, drone upgrades, and ship upgrades

It can be accessed while in the system view, by pressing [M].

 When you purchase a modification or repair, it will appear in the queue on the right. and you will see the total amount of scrap you will gain or lose next to your current scrap amount. Next to your current scrap amount, you can also see your current scrap capacity. when you are happy with your modifications, you can press [E] to execute and confirm your modifications. 

 Repairing upgrades cost anywhere between 5 and 12 scrap, depending on the upgrade, and its wear. Repairing drones costs 1 scrap for 10HP repaired. 

 You can also use the modification panel to convert your plundered items into scrap. 

Object Scrap Value
Drones 7 to 9
Ship Upgrades 6
Broken Ship Upgrades 4
Drone Upgrades 3
Broken Drone Upgrades 1