The Probe Drone Upgrade will allow a drone to deploy a small moving probe that functions as a drone would, moving automatically between rooms (that it can) and scanning those rooms revealing all of the items within them.

Probes cannot be controlled and will move freely through any open doors available to it.

Does not detect enemies within a room like a sensor would but enemies will attack this probe and destroy it.

Probe Has 4 Charges and can be recharged in the modification screen at the cost of 2 scrap for 2 charges.

If not destroyed, Probes can be retrieved and thus return the charge used to deploy it.

Commands to use probes:

Deployment: probe

Retrieval: pickup

Keep in mind to pick up the probe, you have to be right next to the probe, and either be in drone view to, or specify drone number in schematic view. e.g. pickup [drone #]