Opening an Airlock will cause the objects in that room to be sucked into space. On volatile Derelicts, there is a chance that the Airlocks can start to fail and once the integrity of Airlock seal has failed, the airlocks will open up and stay permanently open. If left open, after about 8 seconds the room will flood with radiation from space. Any rooms connected to that room that also have an open door will also be progressively filled with radiation. Pipe Ruptures can cause Radiation to leak into a room and is distinctive by the sound of metal being bent.

Rooms saturated by radiation will show up on the map with red lines. Drones in an irradiated area will be damaged. This damage gets exponentially worse the longer you stay there meaning short hops are survivable, but loitering in a irradiated area is often fatal.

Note: Heavily irradiated rooms will stay irradiated; however opening an airlock (for example to vent an enemy into space) and then quickly closing it again may allow the radiation to disperse.