"scans the current room for undetected items"

Scan is a drone upgrade that allows a drone to scan a room for additional resources that have been missed by standard visual inspection. It does not need to be recharged by spending scrap, so it has no limit on its use. The upgrade is very valuable, as it can reveal dozens of pieces of scrap for collection, though keep in mind that like many other upgrades, scan will break stealth.

When 'scan' is executed, it will list found resources and structures in the console.

The Scan upgrade has the same effect as probes, and the terminal 'shipscan' command.

Usage Edit

'scan'   scans the room for resources with the current 
          drone, or the only drone with the upgrade.
'scan 1' scans drone 1's current room with drone 1

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap
Repair -8 to -12
Convert into scrap +3