Security drone

Security drones (a.k.a. Junk bots, since they drop scrap which happens to be the currency of the game) are slow moving hostile robotic threats found aboard derelict ships. They can be identified by subtle radio sound cues, or by a purple cone of light emitted from its front. One particular drone camera view happens to have the same purple colour.

While they are possibly the least dangerous of threats, the player should be extremely careful. Should the player run into the drone, the player can successfully run from this threat or use weapons to dispatch it. They only take 7 bullets to kill with the turret. The drones ability to detect the player is limited to the purple cone of vision in front of it.

Should the player kill the drone, it will drop 1Scrap icon - 3Scrap icon. This drone can be destroyed easily by use of the turret upgrade and will die before it can retaliate. If you cannot kill it, it will always investigate rooms beyond open doorways, allowing you to trap it.

This threat is the only enemy immune to lure and sonic, however, it is also the only one to attack sensors.

Like most enemies, stealth breaks when you come in contact with the Security Drone. If you're fast enough you can reactivate it and not be harmed (tip: use an alias).

Security drones can be destroyed by radiation.

Despite being called the Security Drone, it doesn't seem to assault the other infestations.