"Activates a sonic pulse that repels organic threats"

 Sonic is a drone upgrade that forces biological enemies to flee the current room.

The Upgrade will drain in power as it is used. The maximum sonic charge can last 100 seconds, as shown on the upgrade. Sonic can be fully recharged between missions, for 2 scrap.

Moving the drone utilizing the upgrade will deactivate the upgrade.

Great against Leapers and Slime (it temporarily eliminates slime) but useless against Drone Swarms and Security Drones, as they are not biological threats.

Usage Edit

'sonic'          toggles sonic on the current drone, or 
                  the only drone with the upgrade.
'sonic [on/off]' turns on/off sonic
'sonic 4 off'    turns off the sonic upgrade on drone 4

Modificatons Edit

Modification Scrap
Repair -8 to -12
Recharge to full -2
Convert into scrap +3