The Stealth upgrade allows a drone to move undetected by hostile lifeforms.

Stealth has a limited power supply but will slowly recharge whilst the module is disabled.

  • Taking damage may disable Stealth
  • Using a different upgrade may disable Stealth
  • Stealth may disable other active upgrades
  • Coming into contact with a threat will instantly alert them to your presence
  • Pry does not deactivate Stealth, making it useful for exploring unpowered rooms.

List of actions that deactivate Stealth:

  • Gather
  • Generator
  • Interface
  • Scan
  • Sensor
  • Shield
  • Tow

List of actions that do not deactivate Stealth:

  • Navigate
  • Open/close/toggle door/airlock
  • Pry
  • Coming in contact or getting too close to enemies

Forewarning about enemy contact: Edit

"Bumping an enemy doesn't cancel stealth - the enemy becomes aware that something is in the room and investigates...then strikes if you hang around. They can detect if you get too close, as well, even if you don't make physical contact. This is true for swarms, who have the widest radius. Be certain to stay clear and give them some room, even when stealthed." - JP [developer]