Teleport is a Drone upgrade that allows a drone to teleport to any room that has either been scanned by a drone or through an interface or previously visited by either a drone or a probe.

With a teleport upgrade, Drones can teleport Traps or Sensors into other rooms (even if they have magnetic clamps), though you must place the trap/sensor down first. If you attempt to teleport a Mine into another room, your drone will teleport instead, which can lead to (as the game would put it.) direct exposure to 'badness.'

To teleport a drone, type:

teleport [room number]


teleport r1

To teleport Sensor/Traps:

teleport [sensor/trap] [room number]


teleport sensor r1

teleport trap r1

Note: Teleporting a drone while it's towing a disabled drone will not teleport the disabled drone