Teleport is a Drone upgrade that allows a drone to teleport to any room that has either been scanned by a drone or through an interface or previously visited by either a drone or a probe.

With a teleport upgrade, Drones can teleport Traps or Sensors into other rooms, though you must place the trap/sensor down first. If you attempt to teleport a Mine into another room, your drone will teleport instead, which can lead to (as the game would put it.) direct exposure to 'badness.' (Can Magnetic enhanced traps be teleported? Someone confirm.)

To teleport a drone, type:

teleport [room number]


teleport r1

To teleport Sensor/Traps:

teleport [sensor/trap] [room number]


teleport sensor r1

teleport trap r1

Note: Teleporting a drone while it's towing a disabled drone will not teleport the disabled drone

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