"transports drone(s) to and from Outposts/Derelicts"

Transporter is a ship upgrade that can be found on derelict vessels by your drones or purchased at an Autotrader.

Transporter shouldn't be confused with teleport which is a drone upgrade.

Transporter is used in the System View, and allows you to access outposts that are normally inaccessible without this upgrade. This Upgrade allows you to teleport your drones into and out of, or between rooms highlighted in blue as long as the signal lasts. The player should take care as transporter signals are not permanent, and may randomly become weak, or completely disappear. There should always be at least one transporter signal left for the player to use to leave the outpost, but there is no guarantee that it will be in a safe room. The docking bay on your ship, aka room one, always counts as a room with a transporter signal.

The Transporter ship upgrade can also teleport disabled drones, including ones the player has discovered, as if they were their working counterpart (found drones can be numbered as 5-7). When a drone is towing an object, it will be transported with it to the specified room, allowing towed ship upgrades to be brought into a room with a transporter signal and transported aboard. Additionally, the transporter upgrade can transport ship upgrades (working or not) into the salvage bay of your ship when the mission ends, but only if they're in a room with an active transporter signal.

Usage Edit

Destination room must have an active signal (indicated on schematic view)

Room to room transport will occur through docking bay

'transport 1 r2'   transport drone 1 to room r2
'transport all r2' transport all drones to room r2
'transport 2 1'    transport drone 2 to drone 1 (must have transport reciever)

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap
Repair -8 to -12
Convert into scrap +6