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"arms or disarms drone turret"

Turret is an offensive drone upgrade that can be used to destroy any enemies found on the derelict.

When equipped on a drone, the turret will be able to provide offensive fire when an enemy moves in range (about 2 drone lengths in front of the drone). The turret will only fire at targets in the drone's field of vision, represented by a colored arc in front of the drone, using the same colors as a defense turret. (Blue when unarmed, orange when armed)

Note that moving the drone, or activating another one of the drone's upgrades will disable the turret.

The Turret can hold a maximum of 100 bullets.

Usage Edit

'turret'           will toggle the current/only turret upgrade on/off
'turret [on/off]'  will turn the turret upgrade on/off
'turret 4 on'      will turn on the turret of drone 4

Modifications Edit

Modification Scrap

- 8 to -12

Add 50 Bullets

- 2

Convert into scrap


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